What your contribution will be used for:

  1. Financial support to make possible junior nordic skiing events such as the 2014 Junior National Nordic Ski Championships.
  2. Scholarships for junior skiers’ participation in nordic skiing related camps, training programs, and events (both recreational and competitive) which they might not otherwise be able to afford.
  3. Provide no-cost or low-cost equipment to enable junior skiers to take part in the sport who otherwise might not be able to participate.
  4. Expert advice will be made available at no charge to help support the planning and execution of nordic ski events, activities, and competitions.
  5. Equipment may be subsidized or purchased and given to organizations (such as local schools) that offer nordic ski programs.
  6. Equipment purchased and provided free of charge to support events and activities.

Any questions? Please CONTACT US. We look forward to hearing from you!